Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. You don’t see your question? Get in contact with us via or +31(0)222-314956.

Questions concerning tickets

  • I have a free ticket or voucher, can I come visit when I like?
    No, you need a time slot. You can purchase your time slot on the ticket page. Bring your free ticket or voucher along with your time slot when visiting.
  • I have a Museum Card, do I still need to buy a ticket?
    You only need a time slot, which you can purchase on the ticket page. You can scan your museum card yourself at the reception desk.
  • I can’t pay online. How do I buy a ticket?
    You can call us to reserve a time slot via +31 222 314956 and buy an admission ticket in the museum.
  • I bought a ticket but I am sick / someone in my group is sick. What must I do?
    If someone in your group is sick or not feeling well, you must cancel your visit. Contact Ticketcounter via the telephone number in your confirmation letter. There is a fee of €2.50 for administration costs.
  • I am supervising a disabled person. Can we use the same time slot?
    No, everyone older than 3 years needs their own time slot ticket or ticket.

Questions concerning the visit – what is there to do, how does it work?

  • Is the restaurant open?
    Yes, the restaurant and terrace are open.
  • Are the restrooms open?
    Yes. There are two separate restrooms. One in the main building and one behind the windmill. Both restrooms have a place to change diapers and a toilet for disabled.
  • Can I wash my hands during my visit?
    Yes, you can wash your hands in the restrooms. In addition, hand disinfectant is available at various spots in the museum.
  • I can’t walk stairs, can I see everything?
    Most of Museum Kaap Skil is accessible for disabled people. There is an elevator in the main building. Where the path encounters stairs, there is an alternative route outside for the disabled.
  • Are there extra activities during the holidays?
    Unfortunately, due the 1.5 meter regulation, there will be no extra activities organized in the museum during the holidays.
  • When will the crafts be demonstrated in the open-air museum?
    Unfortunately, there will be no demonstrations in the near future.
  • Can I park by the museum?
    You can park your bicycle as well as your car at the Vlamkast parking lot. This is very close to the museum. There are two parking spaces for disabled at the entrance to Museum Kaap Skil. Make sure you keep the necessary 1.5 meter distance to other people when getting in or out of your car.
  • Can I see everything in the museum?
    The museum route leads you through the entire museum, inside and outside. At the entrance to an exhibit, you can estimate whether or not it’s not too crowded to enter. If it’s too crowded, you can visit the exhibit later on. We request everyone to avoid busy areas.
  • How long is a visit?
    There is no end time to the ticket. You can decide yourself how long you stay.
  • What are the opening hours?
    The regular opening hours are still valid: daily from 10 A.M. – 5 P.M.
  • Do I need to wear a face mask?
    Yes, at the moment it is mandatory to wear a face mask.

Questions concerning other reasons to want to enter

  • I have an item and want to know what it is. Can I ask at the reception desk?
    It is handy if you call ahead of time to make an appointment. You can also take a picture and send it to The curator will answer your question.

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