On vacation on Texel? Visit Museum Kaap Skil

“What a wonderful museum!! For young (9) and old…”

Do you want to really get to know Texel? Then a visit to Museum Kaap Skil is a must! This is where you learn all about living with the sea. It is a unique museum full of stories and adventures. For both young and old, it is often a surprise how much there is to see and do. There’s a lot to experience both indoors and outdoors. Curious what others thought about their visit? Check out the reviews on Facebook. See you at Museum Kaap Skil!

“Great museum! We enjoyed the design and diversity, especially the interactive exhibit Ship in Sight – the Roads of Texel and the World. Very well set up… Chapeau!”

Vacation with the kids on Texel

“Really fun museum! We were here with our son (10) and daughter (13) and they had a great time. There’s so much to see and do. So nice! We really recommend it.”

Doe-route voor kinderen; ontdek je Kaapskills

A museum boring? That’s not the case at Museum Kaap Skil. There’s so much to experience for kids! Thanks to the exciting treasure hunt, you know you’re not going to miss anything. The interactive exhibits offer plenty of fun and hands-on activities. How good are you at delivering the ship’s cargo at the right place? In the open-air museum, you go back in time to life in the early 20th century. Did people really sleep in such a small bed? With the do-it yourself route, you discover the entire museum, indoors and outdoors, and you test your Kaapskills. Do you sell the most fish or do you see things more as a beachcomber? Six fun activities introduce you to life with the sea as it was in days long past. Have you done all the Kaapskills? Then you have earned a diploma. Especially for adventurous children!

“So well presented, super fun for kids and very up-to-date….”

What to do on Texel?

“A very lovely and varied museum, lots to see and experience (including kids) inside and outdoors, very special to get such insight into the history of Texel, life on Texel and culture on Texel.”

Vakantie op Texel met kinderen

Museum Kaap Skil is full of stories and adventures about the special maritime history of the island Texel. The collection contains top finds from century-old shipwrecks found off the coast of Texel. In the 17th century, trading merchants and warships assembled here upon arrival and departure. Those days come back to life in the world’s largest maritime model, located in the award-winning entrance building.

“For the third time in a row. Keep seeing new things. Fun and lovely museum. Very diverse.”

On Texel with good of even bad weather?

“Extensive and educational museum. Ideal when the weather is not so great. Kids and adults can immerse themselves in the way things used to be here long ago 👍”

Veelgestelde vragen Museum Kaap SkilMuseum Kaap Skil is a fun daytrip during all kinds of weather conditions! There is a lot to see and do indoors and outdoors. The exhibits are spread over several spatial monumental buildings and there’s something different to discover everywhere. The museum is very spacious. Due to the Corona regulations, a lot of attention is paid to the 1.5 meter rule and hygiene. The open-air museum is a great place to stroll around or picnic. There’s a wonderful view of the old-fashioned fishermen’s homes from the roomy terrace. Is it raining or stormy?  In the new interactive exhibit Ship in Sight you can see how things used to be like off the coast of Texel. It could be very frightening on the seventeenth-century Roads of Texel!

“Fun museum during all kinds of Dutch weather”

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Vissersstraatje in het openluchtmuseum van Kaap Skil
Schepen van maritieme maquette bij Museum Kaap Skil
Deur van molen in openluchtmuseum van Museum Kaap Skil
Touwslagers in openluchtmuseum van Museum Kaap Skil
Vissershuisje in Museum Kaap Skil
Hoofdgebouw Museum Kaap Skil