Ship in sight! The Roads of Texel and the world

In the new interactive exhibit 'Ship in sight! The Roads of Texel and the world' the world’s largest maritime scale comes to life.

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Archeology under water

An exposition full of treasures from the sea floor, originating from century-old shipwrecks. Merchandise, personal belongings, armaments and ship parts. Found by Texel divers on the bottom of the Wadden Sea.

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The downfall of the Pieter Anthony

A wreck full of shards and things to build a plantation. That’s what the divers found in the Wadden Sea. Most likely, it was the Pieter Anthony. This ship departed from Amsterdam in 1822; the final destination was Surinam. It sprung a leak on a sandbank near Texel.

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Diving into Details

A ship transporting belongings for very wealthy, possibly even royal people, lay buried under the sand on the sea floor for 400 years. In 2014, this wreck was discovered by divers, who found the most impressive objects.

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Wind force 7 or greater? Then you won't find a beachcomber (jutter!) at home! That's the best time to go the beach, to see what's washed ashore. Beachcombing runs in the blood of islanders. Kaap Skil's beachcombing shed is filled to bursting with beach finds.

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Fishermen cottages

A street in Oudeschild from the first half of the 20th century has been reconstructed on the outdoor terrain of Kaap Skil. Time has stood still in the small fishermen cottages, the smith and the store. A visit to the cottages is a feast of recognition.

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The Traanroeier Mill

On the museum grounds, there is a working grain mill. The monument dates back to 1727. The mill is accessible up to the second level for visitors to the museum, in miller terms - the attic. When the millers are present, the third floor - the stone loft - is also accessible.

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Vissersstraatje in het openluchtmuseum van Kaap Skil
Schepen van maritieme maquette bij Museum Kaap Skil
Deur van molen in openluchtmuseum van Museum Kaap Skil
Touwslagers in openluchtmuseum van Museum Kaap Skil
Vissershuisje in Museum Kaap Skil
Hoofdgebouw Museum Kaap Skil