De Traanroeier versierd voor het havenfeest. Links ernaast de graanpakhuizen met de tentoonstellingen: de voorloper van het Maritiem Museum.

A two hundred year-old harbor! That clearly calls for a celebration. For the occasion, several beachcombers, divers and fishermen set up a temporary exhibition with items related to the maritime history of the Roads and the village. The warehouses filled with beach finds, salvaged objects from wrecks and unusual things caught in fishing nets drew huge crowds. The time was ripe: a new museum was founded in the buildings surrounding the Traanroeier mill in Skil.

While designing the new Maritime Museum, the collection from the Beachcombers’ Foundation was also displayed in a large eelgrass shed. The beachcombers told their stories in genuine Texel dialect. It didn’t take long for this to become the most popular attraction ofthe museum, which is why the name soon changed to the Maritime and Beachcombing Museum.

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Vissersstraatje in het openluchtmuseum van Kaap Skil
Schepen van maritieme maquette bij Museum Kaap Skil
Deur van molen in openluchtmuseum van Museum Kaap Skil
Touwslagers in openluchtmuseum van Museum Kaap Skil
Vissershuisje in Museum Kaap Skil
Hoofdgebouw Museum Kaap Skil