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On Friday mornings the entire Texel fishing fleet returns to the harbour. The fish is unloaded at the fish auction and the ship is cleaned and tidied at the home harbour. Ropes and chains are unknotted and nets repaired. Soon after the fishermen go home to heat up the smoking barrel and smoke the fish. At Kaap Skil you can also enjoy the smell and taste of lovely smoked fish. Our fish smoker will smoke delicious gurnard for you.

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Laying ropes is a profession that hardly exists anymore. Perhaps you don’t even know what it is. Laying ropes is the making of a rope by twining yarns or threads. The rope makers, as these craftsmen were called, tied the yarn to hooks and twisted them together with a wheel. The yarns were twined or twisted together. That’s why they were called rope twisters or makers. Rope-laying took place outside in the rope yard. Sometimes ropes of a few hundred yards long were twisted so a lot of space was needed. If you would like to see how rope-laying really works come to the museum and it will all be explained to you. You might even lend a hand!

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In the old days in towns and cities you could hear the hammering on the anvil by the blacksmith. You would not be able to stand the noise of it nowadays! Except perhaps at a museum. Well, you are lucky! At Kaap Skil the blacksmith is at work in his forge. You will be able to see that forging is a great craft. Smiths can really make the most beautiful things out of rock-hard steel. And that this involves a lot of noise only makes it better.

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Sailors have the most beautiful stories. They travel all around the world and get to places the ordinary mortal will never get to see. And they witness things that you as a tourist will never experience. A good reason to come to Kaap Skil and listen to their cock and bull stories of sailors which are all equally true.

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Oudeschild is a close fishing community where families have enjoyed living for generations. That many things have changed over the years is narrated in the fishing cottages. Would you like to know what life was like in those days? How people lived, where the children played, what clothes they wore and what they ate? Come to the museum and you will be able to ask all these questions.

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At the museum there is a shop as seen a lot in the village of fifty years ago. It is small but packed with merchandise. Three afternoons a week the sellers are present and they are able to tell you exactly what's in the shops, whose shop it was, how the bakery behind the shop works and why they are wearing such beautiful clothes.

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All fishermen, the young as well as the old ones are capable of net mending and making. Net making is producing an entirely new fishing net. Net mending is repairing torn nets. In the old days net mending was done at home in the scarce free hours people had. At Kaap Skil you can watch the nets being mended and if you like to try this yourself this is your chance!

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At the museum there is a beautiful scale-model of the Texel Roads containing hundreds of ship models. If you would like to see how much work it is to make a ship model of wood as true to the original as possible you should come and see the model builder at work on a Wednesday afternoon. Using drawings the model is meticulously and patiently as a saint constructed shelf by shelf, painted, modelled and equipped with ropes.

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On the beaches of Texel rubbish that are no longer of any use wash ashore every day. A bottle cap, a piece of string, a broken plank, an old gauntlet, they are all objects that seem entirely useless to us. But in the workshop “A Beachcomber's Creation” we are going to make wonderful creations of all this mess. Under the guidance of an artist you are challenged to use the finds of the beach to create your own princess or witch. You will be amazed by your own abilities and what can possibly come out of a lot of junk.

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